Programs Supported:

  • Harpoon
  • Tomahawk
  • PAC-3
  • Trident

Chemring supplies a wide range of components supporting a number of critical missile, bomb and torpedo programs across an international military customer base.

Launch and Fly

Chemring manufactures actuators, retention mechanisms, motors and weapon release cartridges to enable a range of ‘Launch and Fly’ activities. Typical cartridge operating times are from 0.01 seconds to 10 seconds with operating temperatures from -32°C to +60°C, although specialized propellants can be incorporated to extend the range from -54°C to +150°C. Other valves and separation systems allow fluid/gas flow and enabled sequenced launch and fly events.

Pyromechanical Valves

Chemring supplies a number of pyromechanical valves, designed to be lightweight and reliable, which are critical to the liquid and gaseous fluid systems for complex missile programs. Valves can be either designed in a “normally open” or “normally closed” configuration, which ensures that valve combustion gases are fully contained. Valves are typically associated with fuel flow and are initially designed to isolate fuel during storage, by sealing it within the fuel tank. Upon actuation, these valves allow unrestricted fuel flow to the missile and in parallel, unrestricted flow of pressurized air back into the fuel tank. Our valves are also employed in missile Divert and Altitude Control (DAC) systems.

Safe and Arm Units (SAF)

Our electro-mechanical safe arm devices provide dual explosive output for remote safing/arming and subsequent initiation of ordnance items. Our fully qualified products are suitable for system use and target drone applications. Chemring designed, developed and qualified the SAD-505 for the US Air Force F-14 and F-16 target drones. Qualified to MIL-STD-1516, this device provides remote arm and dual initiation for ordnance products. It features remote indication status and remote or manual safing.

Exploding Bridgewire Firing Systems

  • Boeing WASP FTS
  • Univac drone FTS
  • Patriot (SAM-D) EBW motor ignition system
  • Boeing AGM-86C Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (CALCM) FTS