Sales and Support

Sales and Support


John Fair
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
(630) 981-8334

General Sales, International Sales, Missiles, Space, Weapons Deployment Products
Dave Sheeran
Business Segment Manager
(630) 981-8370

General Sales, Missiles, Space
Ebby Bryce
Business Segment Manager, Life Support Programs
(757) 659-0333

Life Support Test Equipment Products
Dennis Gulbranson
Business Segment Manager, Military Programs
(801) 773-5939

Military CAD/PAD Products

GSA Schedule

The CED GSA Contract GS-07F-0138M makes it easier for you to purchase CED items listed on the GSA contract. Simply go to the GSA Advantage website located here, then register and search for your product of interest. To view all CED products, perform a search for "GS-07F-0138M" or "Chemring Energetic Devices.“ The GSA contract provides the best price for items such as the SCOT and JCAST Test Equipment.

If you have any questions about ordering products from our GSA Schedule, please contact Gregg Eichwedel, Senior Contracts Manager, at or +1-630-969-0620 x1343.


Tester Calibration Support*
Pam Dolatowski
Contracts Administrator
(630) 969-0620 x1305
Commercial Aircraft Support
Gregg Eichwedel
Senior Contracts Manager
(630) 969-0620 x1343

*Beginning June 1, 2013 CED adopted a new process for tester repair/recalibration. Please download and follow the instructions on the Tester Recal Instruction Sheet. We will then send you the credit card form(s) to fill out. When everything is in place, we will provide you a TRA number for you to ship your tester in for repair/recalibration. If you will be paying by credit card and you know the serial numbers of the units you will returning, we can send you the forms after you send us the serial numbers. If you want to use a purchase order (P.O.) or contract, please submit that to Mr. Gregg Eichwedel, Sr. Contracts Manager, ( Please make sure you have the specific serial numbers listed in the P.O. or contract, as well.

Recalibration includes all required repairs and parts, as well as return shipping within the United States. The cost may be found on GSA at: