About Us

About Us

Chemring Energetic Devices, part of Chemring Group Plc, is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energetic, mechanical and electronic subsystems serving the aerospace and defense industries. CED’s experienced management team has been infused with senior leadership who has a record of successful prime and industry leading second tier contractor experience with various programs. This experience brings significant knowledge, sensitivity and attention to the details of those elements considered imperative to program success, including low risk technical solutions, sub-contract management, cost, schedule, quality and performance.

Chemring Energetic Devices is the result of a merger of two companies – Scot Incorporated (Downers Grove, IL and Hi-Shear Technology Corporation (Torrance, Ca). The merger allows Chemring to consolidate the operations done in Torrance into the Downers Grove facility. This consolidation will be completed in 2018 and provides our customers with economies of scale and improved turn-around time.


CED's Downers Grove, IL facility was founded as Scot Incorporated in 1942, producing electrical equipment for general aviation industry. The company evolved into energetic devices in 1976 and focused its resources to the growth of military egress and life support areas. In the 1990’s, Scot continued its growth in the weapons deployment and space markets, developing various components for aircraft and launch vehicles. Scot was acquired by Chemring Group PLC in 2008.

CED’s Torrance, CA facility was founded as Hi-Shear Technology Corp and has been in business for over 55 years. The company develops, tests, manufactures, and delivers advanced systems and products that are used worldwide in space exploration vehicles, satellites, launch systems, missile systems, tactical weapons, aircraft, and underwater explosive ordnance disposal. Hi-Shear was acquired by Chemring Group PLC in 2009.

For more information, please contact John Fair, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at jfair@ced.us.com or (630) 981-8334